Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Last Class [2012-03-15]

[Graphic Design and Art]
Today is the last day of the lecture. Next week Tuesday will be our Final Project Review day. In this last class the topic that we were talking about is the difference between "Graphic Design" and "Art". I defiantly having more knowledge about what Graphic Design is through out this 10 week course. Before I enter the the class, I always though graphic design is only about stunning image, trying to create an Image with visual Impact.even though "Art" is what I originally intended to learn and to have career on. But now I realized I am in the right major. I am a person who enjoy solving problems (problems other than math..) and that is what Graphic Design is all about.

Abiding: (a feeling or a memory) lasting a long time; enduring.
Chubby: Plump and rounded.
elastic:able to resume its normal shape spontaneously after contraction,dilatation, or distortion.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

What if !?[2012-03-08]

[In Today's class we played a game "What if........"]
"What if" is basically why our world is today. "what if" is the core of everything. people start from a wild idea  and brings that thought into real life. what if we people can go to the moon? so we created spaceship and landed on the moon. what if we can have a car running without gasoline? we have created electric car. what if we have a display monitor that is like a paper? which we are developing right now, and should be available in near future. In this graphic design/visual communication even with two people have the same "what if" they will have different solution to it. because people think differently. What if is critical for great thinker.

"What if" is like a "Hope"
Hapless: Unfortunate.
Halting: Slow and hesitant, lack of confidence, faltering.
Illustrious: Well known, respected, and admired for past achievements.

Think before you Talk [2012-03-06]

What I learned today is "Think before you Talk". Today the whole class is separated into two group, and Jimmy, our professor, ask us to figure out the next figure/number/shape could be.[example below] what I find is funny is, people can come out with the theory, and trying to convinced everyone to use it just because it is easy to explain to the other group. The worse part is when we try to end up with a conclusion, it does not make any sense. Because so much little ideas fragment try to get together in the limited time, and it make the idea so much more complicated. There are time we should just let our ideas out, but there certainty times that "Thinks before you Talk". In this case, what we need is a complete thought from one person and everyone agrees it, and not try to combine bunch different idea and make it work.


faint: Barely perceptible 
finicky: fussy about one's needs or requirements
Jaded: tired, bored, or lacking enthusiasm, typically after having had too much of something

A list of what we learned [2012-2-28]

[Each Assignment Mean Something]

Today, we have create a list of keywords that related to what we have covered so far. each keywords will trigger a memory of what we have done. This class makes me realized that everything that we did in the class mean something. and it is not just about being a better designer but a lot of them are training to become a better person. Jimmy, our professor, he sees being class on time is critical. so for whoever gets late for the class we have a -0.5 point deduction from our grade of 25, and there is no limited to it. so basically if I am late for the class 10 time, it means I didn't do my final project. because he understand in the real world out there, being late on a presentation, is very unprofessional and might/will lose your client. the other assignment is apple drawing, we have to draw the apple that was given the second day of the class, and use different method to create the image. This assignment is a training of exploration, observation, and a little bit drawing skill. This assignment means a lot to me. For the pass almost 20 years I have only use pencil and paper to create my drawing. I am afraid to try new things, but if I don't try, I will never become someone great. The more you know, the better you become. Blog writing, help us to build up our writing skill and expression. communication is everything is graphic design.

Visual Literacy: ability to read the picture and understand the meaning behind it.

Innate: inborn; natural
jolly: Happy and cheerful
Jumble: Mix up in a confused or untidy way

Sunday, February 26, 2012

This is a WHAT? _ This is a "WHAT" [2012-02-21]

Hello there, its me again talking about my class experience with my professor Jimmy moss. a week ago as a class we  have attend a guess speaker event in our campus, Cal state LA, with Kali Nikitas. Jimmy wanted us to share what we learn from her in the beginning of the class. So we sit in a big cycle and have Jimmy sit in the middle. I always likes how our professors will switch things around, so we don't get bored easily. so first half of the class period is talking about the event. To be honest I didn't enjoy discussion because there is just repeating what we did in the speech. an example is talking an exercise that we did in speech, taking three envelope and note cards, and writing our expectation in the future about three matters, Global, Professional, and Personal. so lot of repeat in first half discussion. on the second half of the class, there comes the fun part. Jimmy ask us to play a "Game", involving giving two object and one is named "What" and one is named "Who". and we sit in a cycle, from one person pass the object and telling the next person this is a "what" and the next person will reply as this is a "What?" and the person who hand-over the object will ask the pervious person and ask them this is a "What?" and going back to the first person who first start this game will answer this is a "What". This game is really complicated to be explain in language, even Jimmy have to demonstrate how this is done for us to understand how this game works. so we spend rest of the class playing this game. It is not as bad as only having the "What" but using both "What" and "Who" become really difficult, especially when they both meets. at first, I think this game is not fun at all, but as I get more involve with the game, I become more serious about this game. but what is the point of the game, I still don't get it. The best description I can think of maybe the "Cooperative game". That goes the whole class for today.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Don't get late again... [02-16-2012]

[Presentation day]
Today is my turn to do my presentation on my games.

[ I get very nervous in front of people.]
My experience of presenting in front of class become very different after I took a speech class on Mt.SAC.  The best speech that I ever did in that class, it was a speech that the professor will give you a topic, and in next 5 minute you will be going up and present. and what I did was just simply go up and tell a story with a little sense of hummer. It feels like a regular talk with other people, but it certainly works for me.

[My Presentation]
I am much more nervous than I thought when I stand in front of the crow. before I went up, I have all my speech organized and knowing what I am going to say. but when I go up there, I still know what I am going to say, just the "order" is going everywhere. So I am just trying to say what I needed to say, and basically tell people how I came up with this concept. it all because I don't see Chess being realistic. and Pawn didn't always  have to be a nobody.

[My concept]

Higher Class: King, Queen
[They are pretty much useless, other than they inherent all the wealth from their ancestor]
They have everything, but their lack of ability made them replaceable.

Middle Class: Castle, Knight, Bishop
[who really maintain the society]
middle class they have better ability, has better chance to become successful [New King]

Lower Class: Pawn
[who made everything possible]
Lower class, less chance to become successful, but if they become a middle class[eats one] they have the equal or even better chance to become the higher class.[New king]

Presentation [02-14-2012]

[Presentation day-1]
        Today we starting to take turn to do presentations on our games. The whole class is doing a critic, but we are making common on how other present the game and not the actual game concept. as we going along the way Jimmy gives us some tip on how we should present our concept.

  • we should show confident and not play around with our hand. also we should stand still, and not leaning left and right.
  • It's presenter's responsibility of making sure everyone can see our project. and they are paying attention.
  • when audience are crossing their hand, yawning, looking everywhere. than the presenter should switch up, to get back their attention.
When I present, I should be looking carefully on these little details to become a better presenter.